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Southern Pacific Mortgages

Currently Southern Pacific Mortgages ( SPML ) are not lending to new customers, If this situation changes in the future, we will update this page.

If you are an existing Southern Pacific mortgage holder then it may be worth reviewing whether there are any other competitive mortgage schemes worth consideration for a remortgage

You can click on the following link to the Southern Pacific Mortgages website, to review what, if any, mortgages are available for existing borrowers, or simply..

Southern Pacific Mortgages were  one of the UK's leading adverse credit, non conforming, sub-prime specialist mortgage lenders with products ranging from near prime to heavy adverse for borrowers that had a hiccup in their credit file and covering anything from a missed payment on a credit card through to repossession.

Non conforming through to prime
Southern Pacific mortgages were the UK’s third largest mortgage lender specialising in the ‘non conforming’ mortgage market - ie, mortgages for those borrowers with a history of arrears, bankruptcy or County Court Judgments (CCJs), or whose income or employment history did not fit the criteria of mainstream mortgage lenders.

Southern Pacific mortgages used to provide a full range of mortgage products in the prime mortgage lending market and the light adverse mortgage market via introducers.